Stephanie Metz

Stephanie Metz started experimenting with the sculptural possibilities of felted wool out of a sense of curiosity and play. As a classically trained sculptor unburdened by any formal schooling in fibers, she found that making wool into felt shares qualities with building up forms in clay, carving back stone, and cold-joining metal—with the benefit of being lightweight, self-supporting, translucent, and  visually warm. At first she didn’t think of felt as a viable material for sculpture, either physically or conceptually—it seemed too soft. Yet the contrast between the original soft material and the way she could shape it into hard forms became a catalyst for her work. In her sculpture she explores themes of duality: the way seemingly opposing qualities can coexist within one object, idea, or experience. Stephanie lives in San Jose with her husband and two young sons. She has taught at Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Kala Art Institute, and is now pleased to teach out of her own studio at the School of Visual Philosophy.


Stephanie Metz "Amorphozoa #13"

Stephanie Metz “Amorphozoa #13” Wool. (sold)

Stephanie Metz "Avicular #13"

Stephanie Metz “Avicular #13” Wool, hair.