Moxie Lieberman

I make sculptures out of wool and hard feelings.

Being a sentient creature is mysterious and terrifying, hilarious and gross, awkward and extremely temporary. I am fascinated by what it’s like to be a person; who we think we are, how we got here, and what we can’t know about each other.

Needle or “dry” felting (my primary technique) is an additive form of sculpture. Specialized barbed needles are poked repeatedly into the wool, causing the scales on each fiber to bind together. (My process uses no core, no stuffing, and no water.) I revel in this labor-intensive process, adding layer after layer of soft wool, eventually creating unusually dense, self-supporting structures.

Wool is hair, an animal material. It’s downy and can be blown away in a breeze, like memories and lifespans. Wool is also common and familiar. When you see it, you expect to understand its form, texture and flow. I like to fool with these expectations.

My work is a survival-response, an attempt to deeply examine and express my pain and wonder, in order to discover what’s universal.

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Moxie Lieberman "Celebrate" wool $500

Moxie Lieberman “Celebrate”

Moxie Lieberman "Develop" wool $500

Moxie Lieberman “Develop”