Leisa Rich

Leisa Rich is a modern day creative archaeologist who makes art works and environments purposefully formed to birth a manufactured nature in which, for a brief time, to experientially escape the demands of living today. They often also reference the challenge of being ephemeral beings through humanoid biological forms that speak to issues of personal or universal struggle. Recent works are moveable plastic pieces that can be played with by viewers. These pieces attract by eliciting a desire to touch. Using these methods, her works become a shared and intimate creative experience.

Extreme medical challenges, growing up in rural Canada, and a love for the tactile that has resulted from both of these influencers, inspires her passion. After being hospitalized for deafness age 2-4, Leisa’s parents took her to Disneyland in California. The experience, in particular the “It’s A Small World” ride, greatly impacted her, instilling in her a happy, distorted, Utopian view of what the world should be like, an experience she re-creates into middle age.

Her works adorn walls, emerge from floors and ceilings, can often be walked through, and sometimes worn. She explores new materials in unusual ways and uses old things in new ways and employs traditional art techniques along with new skills, to build a repertoire of innovative ideas. She most often employs the technique of free-motion machine embroidery­­ — a method of drawing and building texture using a sewing machine and thread — in addition to incorporating hand embroidery, sewing, crochet, knotting, netting, weaving, dyeing, basketry, digital image transfer, burning, painting, heat transfer, cast resins, digital photography, painting, recycled materials, found objects and more into her pieces. She recently began incorporating 3D printing into her art practice.

Rich holds Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education in Art degrees, has been featured on PBS, in several books, magazines, blogs, radio and television shows, exhibits internationally, and has won prestigious awards. Leisa teaches in universities, arts centers, and in her studio. She writes about art for publications and has just finished writing and illustrating her first children’s book.

Other experience includes international fashion designer, a wearable art business and school director. Leisa Rich installed a permanent piece in 2011 in the Dallas Museum of Art, and also has works in the permanent collections of Emory Healthcare, The Kamm Foundation, The University of North Texas, The University of Texas- Pan-American and private collections.

Website: http://www.monaleisa.com
Saatchionline: http://www.saatchiart.com/leisar
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Leisa Rich. "Pink In Perpetuity." Fabric, WireKnitZ, silicone, vinyl, nail polish, thread, elastic, batting. 10" x 10" x 10". 2013

Leisa Rich. “Pink In Perpetuity.” Fabric, WireKnitZ, silicone, vinyl, nail polish, thread, elastic, batting. 10″ x 10″ x 10″. 2013 SOLD

Leisa Rich "Disco Metastasis"

Leisa Rich “Disco Metastasis” Fiber, mixed media 20″ x 13″ x 14″