Kit Lane

I’m a non-traditional dimensional needle-felter as well as sculptor of oddjects from a variety of materials. My work populates private patron nooks and cubbies, cubicles and public galleries from here to Timbuktu. I’ve had a variety of educational experiences including a background in Computer Sciences, am a certified Drug and Alcohol Therapist and once did accounting for Ford Motor Company, none of which contribute one teensy-weensy bit to my current creative endeavors. Suffering from a life-long unbridled case of wanderlust, I’ve lived for many decades outside the USA in countries which include Mexico, Haiti and most recently New Zealand. However, for the last decade I’ve been living a happy hermitty existence in the cultural wastelands of Western MN in a little town I lovingly call “Goiter”.


Kit Lane "Summer Home" Wool, goat skull, embroidery floss, beads $490

Kit Lane “Summer Home”
Wool, goat skull, embroidery floss, beads


Kit Lane “Mother” Wool


Kit Lane “Mother” & “Summer Home”