Andrea Graham

Using both traditional nomadic and modern feltmaking techniques, wool fibre is magically transformed.

In my current work, ambiguous sculptures express the paradox of living organisms: strength and fragility, persistence and surrender, liberation and containment. Open wounds and haphazard sutures serve as metaphor for the victimization of our environment as a result of our consumer culture.

In the cycle of growth and decay, resilience is silently expressed. Curious sculptural form awakens a sense of wonder in the potential of the smallest seed and organism for either success or failure. It is this precarious state and the need to nurture and protect that I wish the viewer to explore as they consider revisiting their consumer practices. The use of wool and the alchemy of feltmaking in the execution of my art allow me to use a sustainable material which is both consistent with my message and the organic nature of my work.

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Andrea Graham "Monument #20" Wool. 17" x 4" x 4". $800

Andrea Graham “Monument #20”
Wool. 17″ x 4″ x 4″.